Ruth Cardin

Uniquely Designed Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry

I collaborate with nature by choosing highly figured stones that reflect the uniqueness and infinite possibility of Creation. The beadwork is a meditative contemplation of the beauty in our world, giving nature a voice among us, rich with new perceptions of life.

Using small glass beads and braided nylon filament thread I construct jewelry using various needlework techniques to create bezels and rope straps to hang pendants from. I embellish my work with glass, various natural stones, coral, and pearls. Most recently, I have collaborated with Lauryn Macgregor of RTFX to create freeform fine silver and bronze castings to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

As each stone is unique and one of a kind, so too are my pieces. Each piece evokes a special feeling in me as I create jewelry that is distinctive and individual like the elements that make up each piece of art to wear.

Contact: Ruth Cardin • Santa Rosa, California • 415-302-2860 •